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Summary : This article reviews the current extraction of natural spices traditional separation techniques, such as steam distillation, extraction, compression, absorption, crystallization; new extraction and separation techniques, such as molecular distillation, supercritical Co, extract, microwave extraction, accelerated solvent extraction, ultrasonic extraction, chromatography, membrane separation, capillary electrophoresis and rotating with distillation, and the characteristics of these methods and application prospects. Keywords : Natural spices; extraction; separation CLC : TQ654 Document code: A Article ID :1008-1267 (2006) 05-0001-05 Natural spices is a natural plant and animal resources are aromatic substances found in plants or animals gland capsule. Extraction of natural spices long separation, this technology for its many traditional and emerging technologies to be introduced, and new methods of extraction and separation techniques to elaborate on the characteristics and prospects. 1 extraction and separation techniques of natural spices 1.1 Steam distillation Natural spices in vegetable production, steam distillation is the most commonly used technique, the method is characterized by simple equipment, easy operation, low cost and large output. In addition to the main aroma components in boiling water, easily dissolved, hydrolysis or decomposition of the plant Raw material Outside (such as jasmine, violet, gold and Huan and some flowers), most aromatic plants are to produce essential oils by steam distillation. Production of essential oils by steam distillation have the following main three forms: water distillation, water distillation, and water vapor distillation. Distilled water, the heating temperature is generally around 95 , plant material in the high-boiling point distillation of aromatic components is not easy; another way of direct heating coke prone to the phenomenon of paste. Water vapor distillation and distilled water not suitable for easily agglomerated, and fine powder of raw material, but the two distillation of essential oils to produce the quality better; water vapor distillation operation in the process temperature and pressure changes can adjust their own production the best quality essential oils, but the condition of their equipment requirements Higher need attached to the boiler, suitable for mass production. If you have any questions relating to where and how you can utilize BumbuInstan.com - Bumbu Masak, you could call us at our own website. In addition, heating, steam velocity, operating pressure, operating temperature on the oil rate impact. Boutekedjiret such as [n1 using the method of distillation of rosemary essential oil extraction, studies show that in various ways by steam distillation simplest distillation, fractionation not only reduce the spices into the temperature and prevent decomposition or deterioration . However, steam distillation, there are some drawbacks such as Qiu Qin [21 for a steam distillation and supercritical CO2 extraction experiment results show that: steam distillation process for a long time high temperature, the system opened, the process easily lead to thermal instability and damage easily oxidized components and volatile loss has damaging effects on some components. Steam distillation-based problems, people began working to improve Distillation equipment . There steaming pressure, continuous distillation, distillation columns with complex distillation and steam distillation fast worm-type forms. Shanghai Light Industry Design Institute by the two-column continuous distillation unit, daily processing of raw materials for the 40 to 60t, with favorable results, Phineas of the distillation unit is improved to reduce losses from water-soluble components, and reduce energy consumption reduce waste pollution of the environment, taking into account the economic benefits and environmental protection. 1.2 extraction Extraction method is to use volatile organic solvent in the aromatic components of plant material leaching out, to dissolve the organic solvent, and then steamed to the solvent. The feature is not heating, at low temperature, in addition to a particularly volatile group, you can also extract important elements are not volatile by nature. Therefore, more for flowers, resin, and p-coumaric, dates and so on extraction process.
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