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The Alaska-based serial killer killed himself while in custody last year, leaving much unsaid about at least 11 murders he is said to have committed across the United States. He was born in Winterset, Iowa, 145 miles away. And, really, there's no reason to expect Keyes to be slavering like some horror-movie villain. In case you beloved this information in addition to you would like to be given more details regarding zabójcy generously stop by the page. Early last week the FBI released a comprehensive albeit incomplete timeline of Keyes' suspected criminal activity, which I wrote about here. GOP Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann launched her campaign with a gaffe - confusing the serial killer John Wayne Gacy affiliated with her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa with "The Duke," actor John Wayne. "What I want them to know is - just like John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa, that's the spirit I have too," she told a Fox News reporter. The problem is, the film legend wasn't born in Waterloo. The officers offer Keyes food, and regularly ask him if he mordercy needs to go and "take a leak. He says that he's doing this because he doesn't want his family to find out about the things he's done. And in the five tapes, which were shot between May 2012 and November 2012, you can feel the officers getting a little bit irritated with Keyes' failure to give them any usable data: KEYES: I know I don't have any rights in this situation. There's nothing theatrical about the tapes. I-all I have is information. BELL: But that . So now you're upset with me that I wanna control the information so I . nThough it really feels like Keyes is enjoying himself, the officers remain calm because they need the information that's inside the killer's brain. But the FBI has also released six hours' worth of video footage of Keyes being interviewed with authorities. The tapes offer a look inside the mind of one of the most bloodless serial killers of modern times-though perhaps not in the way you'd think. Tempers don't flare, chairs aren't thrown. ) Throughout the tapes, Keyes is calm, and detached, and obsessed with maintaining as much control over the situation as he can. KEYES: Coulda just kept my mouth shut (chuckles). In fact, the tapes are notable for their mundanity, and there even seems to be a bit of a rapport between Keyes and the various law enforcement officials. I almost feel guilty (chuckles). But, often, it seems like he just likes making officers of the law beg for his cooperation. Here he is, talking about the authorities' unsuccessful efforts to locate the body of one of Keyes' victims from New York state: PAYNE: One of the best analogies I've heard for it is it's more like an archeological dig, uh, now it is just kinda tossing things. KEYES: Yeah, that's a lot of trouble to go to. Costing the tax payers a lot of money to find them (chuckles). until you find what you think you're looking for.
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